Performers List




Saw these folks perform at Culture Fest in 2008. They were unbelievably awesome. Sort of a mixture of tribal and trance, how can you go wrong with that?? Beautiful group, beautiful people. Check 'em out!  


Tri-State Interfaith Fest 2009 - These folks were jammin' as well as being good sports about things running late. Very rhythmic and raw, perfect festival dancing music! Love the gal's voice too.    
   Fun, very approachable group. Saw them at Culture Fest 2008 (and looking forward to seeing them again this year!) These folks make some very interesting sounds.      
Brian Henke

 Hey man, you need to get a banner!! ;)

Beautiful acoustic renderings, saw him at Tri-State Interfaith 2009. In fact, we were neighbors!

Brian is funny and a captivating artist. Check him out if you get the chance.

  Dance collective, sisters in dance, celebrating the art, joy and beauty of bodies in motion. Specializing in middle-eastern dance. Book them for your next festival!  

Dance Afire

Professional Fire Dancing and Spinning Troupe

Lovely job at Floyd Fest! Hope to see you folks performing again soon!