So, you're interested in having your Festival / Event listed on our website, and you're wondering how much it's gonna cost ya? Right?
Or perhaps you're just a wandering passer-by who knows of a cool festival or event we've missed and should add. This is the right place!

Below, I have forms available to add a Festival / Event.

I also have a form if you are a Vendor, Performer or 'Cool Spot' (that must be quite a responsibility).

How much is this gonna cost me? (you may ask)

Well, in the spirit of hippie-ness, it ISN'T!! That's right. All listings are FREE. I do it just because this is something I care about. What a cool chick I am! ;)

Now, if you want to add funky effects to your listing, perhaps a colorful image, etc, that will cost you a little bit.


(note: cost covers you until the end of the year)

BOLD your listing: $5 -

Highlight (offset the listing background in a contrasting color): $5 -

Add an Image: $10 (I reserve the right to resize images) -


Instructions: Easy peasy!
Click (or right-click) the appropriate form link below.
Download the text file and fill it out.
Save the text file with your new info and email it to me as an attachment, using the handy EMAIL button over there <<<<<.
Alternately, if you want to be snazzy, you can COPY the text from the text file, PASTE it into an email, fill out the info and just email it to me that way.

If you need to pay for anything, indicate what you're paying for in the email, and use the 'Add to Cart' links above to send me the monies.

If you're just a really cool person and you would like to DONATE to the cause because you think this website is awesome, use the DONATION button below to send me some monies.

Festival / Event FORM

Vendor / Performer / Cool Spot FORM